The Wings of the Dawn

The Wings of the Dawn is the third book in the Fulcrum War trilogy.

The war has been taken to Heaven’s gates: now Heaven is striking back.

The detonation of the Hellmouth missile inside the Solar System and the resulting devastation have persuaded Terrestrial President Burton to sanction extreme measures.

Orbital Bombardment Monitors are dispatched to destroy entire Confederate worlds. TerSec makes a deal with the devil and offers to support Zadok as he plots to bring about a Proleon Civil War. And Admiral Carpathia’s doomsday ships are authorised to proceed.

FSS Infinity’s Needle and FSS Shadowmonger set out to end the war. Their targets are Risor and Rhan. Nothing in the Confederate arsenal can stop them.

But far away, in Galaxy M-87, a classified military experiment is nearing completion. Project CHRYSALIS may be the Confederacy’s last, best hope for victory.

But if it is used, Hell will surely sing, and nothing will ever be the same again…


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