The Stargazer Trilogy

I don’t have much by way of back-cover -blurbs for you yet, but I can at least confirm the titles of these forthcoming novels for you. They are:

Sons of Heaven

Sons of Perdition

Songs of the Nephilim

Set thirty years before the Fulcrum War, they tell the story of the Proleon/Terrestrial Stargazer War, a conflict precipitated by internal schism and religious divergence at the highest levels of the Proleon government. When Zadok, a religious leader second only to the Star Queen herself, claims that what God is telling him is different to what the Star Queen is telling the Proleon people, a civil war seems inevitable. But when evidence emerges of Terrestrial meddling in internal Proleon politics, Zadok finds a much more convenient scapegoat for his outrage. And when that outrage becomes overt military action, he plunges the galaxy into war…


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