The Passage of Daemons

The Passage of Daemons is the second book in the Fulcrum War trilogy.

Heroes die. Worlds fall. New suns are born. The war between Earth and the Confederacy is escalating out of control, and as it expands it encompasses and ensnares new worlds.

Three weeks after the raid on Gacrux that left Admiral Paul Ray in command of the stolen gunship Black Marlin II, Earth responds with a full strategic biological attack on the Confederate homeworlds.

Desperately trying to strengthen the failing Confederacy with the support of the Proleon Empire, itself war-weary and broken, Paul must try to prevent the total disintegration of the alliance.

Because the war must go on. The Terrestrial forces must be driven from their strongholds if the rebellion is to succeed. But the clocks on the walls of the hospitals are ticking, and as the populations of Risor and Rhan sicken and die, as two Terrestrial strike fleets show up for battle within the two plagued Systems, Paul must fight his own war.

Against Earth. Against the disease.

And against the enemies who wear his own uniform…


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