Ghost Among Thieves

Paul Ray is a dangerous man living in dangerous times. In the 26th Century, Earth’s Empire spans the Milky Way. Hundreds of colonised worlds are kept in check with tribute exacted in the guise of taxation. The status quo is maintained by the Terrestrial Navy, the most powerful military force history has ever seen.

But the status quo is about to change. Commander Ray, Chief Engineer on the Terrestrial dreadnought FSS Shrike, has a secret. A secret that has led him inexorably to the Shrike. A secret that compels him to destroy the ship, kill her crew, and betray its captain, his friend Thor Trevelyan.

What Paul doesn’t know, what no one could have foreseen, is that this act will begin a spiral of violence that will tear the galaxy apart in the bloodiest war the Earth has ever known.

As Paul takes the New Confederacy of Free Planets into battle, he must face his nemesis, Captain Trevelyan, who survived the holocaust on the Shrike and now leads Earth’s Intelligence services in a quest for revenge.

Their vendetta shapes the war, and Paul, no longer alone, finds himself unexpectedly vulnerable as Thor lays waste to everything Paul stands for and everyone he has come to care about.

Paul’s secret is enough to start a war and upset the balance of a galaxy. There are other, more terrible secrets, and they threaten to end it.

Ghost Among Thieves is the first book in the Fulcrum War trilogy.


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