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A Non-Infectious Sense of Humour

Dear Readers, I know there must have been some particularly malignant alignment of the stars when I find myself agreeing with the Daily Mail. I pride myself on the extent to which I and the Mail oppose each other with … Continue reading

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Spem in Alium

A man I loved, a man who had a profound and permanent and life-enhancing impact on me, died yesterday. I just wish I had been privileged enough to meet him. We are not good, in this country, at being male … Continue reading

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Morality vs. Rhetoric

Exhibit A: Mr. Obama embraced a disputed method for counting civilian casualties that did little to box him in. It in effect counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, according to several administration officials, unless there is … Continue reading

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On History

My friend Louis recently posted a blog which featured a ‘guest post‘ by his friend Peter. It concerned the death of Margaret Thatcher, and contended that this was a person who at least measured themselves against high ideals. I do not … Continue reading

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Per Mare, Per Terram…Ad Astra?

From time to time, Dear Reader, I get annoyed about things. I usually feel the need to convey this displeasure, which is why on this blog you find rants on such topics as Jan Moir and Trafigura; the BNP; the … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing?

A little while ago I joined an internet forum for authors (because reasons), and I have found in them a great source of comfort and support. Writing can be a fairly solitary occupation, regardless of whether it’s academic or commercial, … Continue reading

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Compassion Failure? Yes, and it’s not just the Chinese.

At 5:30pm on October 13th, a two-year-old girl left her mother’s side for a moment. Her name was Wang Yue, though her parents called her Yueyue, which means ‘Little Joy’. Wandering into the street in Foshan, a city in the … Continue reading

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