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The Sound and the Fury

I went recently to see Fury, the new film starring Brad Pitt, set in the penultimate month of WW2 in Europe and following the crew of a Sherman tank, the eponymous ‘Fury’, as they advance through Germany. I was really … Continue reading

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Morning Has Broken

I remember, once upon a time, not having sciatica. What I am finding increasingly hard to remember is what that felt like. It is 05:22. I have been awake since 03:50. The reason for this is that something right at … Continue reading

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Iconography Part Two: 1950 – 2001

Warning: the next image may disturb or upset you.

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Iconography Part One: 1900-1950

I have a friend, Neil, who is an extremely talented photographer. A contemporary of my parents, he recently sent me a picture of my mother, then aged 21. It is, without question, the best picture I have seen of her. … Continue reading

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Top 25 Favourite Movies

Hello Dear Readers. What follows is a list of my favourite movies, along with a brief description and explanation for why they make my list. When I was considering the criteria by which I would judge my favourite I decided … Continue reading

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The Rustle of Letters in the Dark…

In 1936 the GPO (General Post Office) film unit made a 25 minute documentary about one of the LMS Mail trains on its overnight run from London to Glasgow. The film is famous now not simply for the quality of … Continue reading

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Top 10… Cars On Screen

Some things are so obvious as to need no explanation. It is, for example, perfectly clear that Famke Jannsen is the most beautiful woman on the planet, and I have the (signed) photograph to prove it. (I mention this mainly … Continue reading

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