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On the Beaten Track

A picture post this time, I think. Having been home recently, a couple of weekends ago and before that at Christmas, both times going by car and ferry, I was able to take back with me a lot of the … Continue reading

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Joys Forever

I am an aviation nut. I know that some of you, Dear Readers, may well be wondering by this stage if there is some aspect of nerdishness that I do not adhere to (there is: I don’t do, and have … Continue reading

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The Fascination of What’s Difficult

I had an interesting conversation earlier today. My brother and I and our friend Bruce were talking about the pleasure that exists in difficulty. By that I mean both the pleasure one takes in accomplishing a difficult thing, and also … Continue reading

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G for George

“God,” said Flight-Lieutenant H.B. ‘Mick’ Martin, DSO, looking up at the overflying plane, “is that a Lanc or isn’t it? What a monstrosity!” It was, indeed, a horribly ungainly adaptation of a Lancaster. Like all the great aircraft of WWII, … Continue reading

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Per Mare, Per Terram…Ad Astra?

From time to time, Dear Reader, I get annoyed about things. I usually feel the need to convey this displeasure, which is why on this blog you find rants on such topics as Jan Moir and Trafigura; the BNP; the … Continue reading

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In The Ghetto

British railway modellers are a funny bunch. You knew this already, of course; as much as we like to pretend that Sheldon Cooper is not representative of the breed (at least its American sub-species) he does share certain identifiable quirks … Continue reading

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Deathless Prose

Another post? Yes, but a much briefer one this time. I love 1:72 scale armoured vehicles. Mostly I buy them as kits and build and paint them myself, but on occasion I treat myself to one ready-made. A few weeks … Continue reading

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