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Spem in Alium

A man I loved, a man who had a profound and permanent and life-enhancing impact on me, died yesterday. I just wish I had been privileged enough to meet him. We are not good, in this country, at being male … Continue reading

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Voicing my dissatisfaction

This is one of those posts that I sometimes feel like writing but seldom do, partly because they seem unfeasibly self-obsessed, and partly because I have no idea what the conclusion will look like and I don’t often enjoy sailing … Continue reading

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I’m not grown up. I’m just tall.

It was my birthday recently. I am in the last year of my mid-twenties (anyone suggesting I am more superannuated than that will be wrestled to the ground and then irretrievably strapped to a zimmer frame, just to make the point crystal clear). … Continue reading

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A Disaster in the Making

One of the oldest Heckler articles, this one still makes me smile. Very little in the story is exaggerated. No, really. I am this poor a cook. Can’t Cook or Won’t Cook? Until recently I had never been able to … Continue reading

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Moans, Groans and Wines

An article first published in the Gaudie. I am not as alcoholically-minded as this would have you believe! I, Dear Reader, am the Heckler. I live an exotic life filled with glamour and excitement – and then I wake up … Continue reading

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Lucy, the Great Escapod

Dear Reader, today I’m going to tell you about the day I fell in love with Lucy. She lived in Portaferry, Northern Ireland, and though I only worked there with her for a short time…it was enough. She won me … Continue reading

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Throw a drowning man a helpline

Good afternoon, Dear Readers, and after recovering muchly I bring you another tale of woe from the Heckler. I wrote this last Christmas, from the depths of Her Majesty’s Prison ‘Technology’… I am no nerd (well…alright; I am, a little … Continue reading

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