Here I am. Glorious, eh?

Wotcha, dear reader. You have found the Starlingford Chronicles, a blog to conjure with. It’s written by me, Gavin; I’m 31, a PhD student writing on Northern Irish poetry, and I do QC work for an e-learning company here in Aberdeen in the North-East of Scotland. I have learned many things here, but the most important one is the importance of owning warm thick woollen clothing. No Irishman was ever built for temperatures like these, and I have adopted the complexion of the locals – a kind of pale, washed-out blue, like a seasick Smurf…


One Response to Here I am. Glorious, eh?

  1. Younas says:

    Dear Brethren,

    I am Pastor Younas Zaki from Pakistan. We do not have any church or affiliation with any kind of ministry. I studied your site and wish to become the part of you to work in my area through you. To know more about I and my work please follow this:

    In Christ,

    Younas Zaki

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