Starlingford’s LOLZ FTW! Or something.

Hi Folks.

I’ve recently discovered that the Cheezburger Network (those fine, fine people who bring us Failblog, Failbook, Demotivational and other sundry internet wonders) allows any old amateur to add captions to the pictures they host. So I have been doing precisely that. Below you can see my efforts…Enjoy!

And finally, your cheezburger moment of Zen:


About Gavin

I am a 32-year-old PhD student in Aberdeen, Scotland. I work in QC at an e-learning company. I'm originally Northern Irish, though I've lived here in Aberdeen for several years. I am, essentially, somebody who is very normal, yet to whom very strange things keep happening...
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One Response to Starlingford’s LOLZ FTW! Or something.

  1. Eruntane says:

    Love the Van Helsing one! Do I understand correctly that you just read the entire Twilight series? I’m not sure whether that’s admirable or insane. Possibly both.

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