Bringin’ The Boogie #3

Hello Dear Readers! – and once again, it is that time of the month when I bring you great tunes, courtesy of Youtube.

This month, I thought what I might do is bring you some tunes that remind me, or that I have used, with regard to my Fulcrum War books. Those of you who are still confused as to what I mean by this can use the headed pages that provide ‘back-cover blurb’ on the three books in question found above: everybody else, let’s start with Ghost Among Thieves

The book begins with an act of sabotage on a ship isolated and alone: as such, I found this to be the perfect soundtrack to that event:

At the novel’s conclusion, I knew that both sides, no matter what defeats and reversals of fortune they had suffered, would continue to fight. I was also thinking about Paul Ray, the principal architect of revolution, and I knew that in him the Confederates had found a figurehead big enough and strong enough for the role of leader they placed upon him. So what could be better than this?

The next book, The Passage of Daemons, features a strategic biological attack. There is one song that I simply could not get out of my head in relation to this (and, in fact, a couple of the lyrics made it into the manuscript), partly because it is used to spectacular effect at the beginning of the TV miniseries of Stephen King’s epic The Stand, and partly because it’s just so damn spooky in its own right:

As the third book is still very much a work in progress (it is only about one fifth complete at this stage) it would give too much away to include any of the music going through my head in relation to it, so instead here are a couple of songs that always come to mind when I think about Paul Ray, the ‘hero’. The first song is by Zero 7, a truly wonderful and laid-back outfit. This is my favourite of their tracks. It comes from their album ‘The Garden’ and it comes to mind because of a fantastic line halfway through, which describes Paul to a T: “Wearing smiles like Colt .45s”.

Finally, if this doesn’t sum up Paul, nothing will: a genuine, kick-ass, double-fistin’ lazy-grinnin’ rock classic:

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