Bringin’ The Boogie #2

Hello again Dear Readers. It is I, Gavin, and not the devil Screwtape. There is a great deal to be said in favour of the aphorism that those who sup with that formidable host would be well advised to use a long spoon, and I don’t anticipate writing any more of these letters for several weeks. Like Wilde, though, I can resist everything except temptation, and should Screwtape discover he has more vitriol to pour I may choose to share his thoughts. But I don’t think it very likely.

This means, of course, that the blog reverts to other traditions: the discussion of trains, books, films and music. With that in mind, here are my five music picks for September…

To begin, here are the fantastic Alternate Routes, with their not-yet-a-hit-but-it-ought-to-be ‘The Future’s Nothing New’. They were supporting Carbon Leaf when I saw them, and I got talking to Tim the singer afterwards. He kindly gave me their CD and signed it for me, and I can best repay that kindness by explaining that the rest of you plebs should go and buy it.

(Embedding has been disabled on this, the proper music video. Below is a gig version)

Moving on from the music of pals, here is an old classic re-performed in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on one of Her Majesty’s Type-22 Batch 3 frigates…

I’m in the middle of an Aimee Mann phase at the minute. Those of you who, like Mr Lancelot Phineas Wilkins in the Jennings novels, are possessed of ‘supersonic earsight’, might have noticed that the song ‘Pavlov’s Bell’ (which appeared in the first Boogie Post) was also the soundtrack for my Youtube video, ‘Bells and Whistles‘. Here is another of my favourites, ‘Thirty One Today’.

Douglas Adams, whose ‘The Restaurant at the End of the Universe‘ is the second of his five-part trilogy ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy‘, found inspiration in the music of Procul Harum. In fact The Restaurant at the End of the Universe was directly inspired by their song ‘Grand Hotel’. I attempt to write sci-fi as well, albeit on an almost infinitely more modest scale, but mine is battle-based where Adams had humour as his touchstone. One of the bands that helps me, therefore, is one a little more aggressive, while at the same time being almost ridiculously anthemic. Muse is my muse, Ladies and Gentlemen, and this is one of their lesser-known – but unbelievably good – tracks, ‘Glorious’.

Finally, here is the always-excellent JJ Cale, accompanied by the perpetually-brilliant Eric Clapton, with Cale’s song ‘After Midnight’

Have fun y’all.

Today’s Zen:

LMS 'Crab' on a mixed goods through Perdido Street Station

LMS 'Crab' on a mixed goods through Perdido Street Station

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I am a 32-year-old PhD student in Aberdeen, Scotland. I work in QC at an e-learning company. I'm originally Northern Irish, though I've lived here in Aberdeen for several years. I am, essentially, somebody who is very normal, yet to whom very strange things keep happening...
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