Sometimes it’s good just to tell it like it is

Following on from Stephen Colbert’s moment of triumph, here is his compatriot, Jon Stewart. In this clip, though, he’s not setting out to be funny (although he is); he’s got a real beef with the institutionalised spin on nominally independent TV networks in the States. This is great. He has a point to make, it’s one he really cares about, and it’s worth making.

Of course, that doesn’t mean anything changed. But sometimes it’s just good to get the point across. Enjoy.


About Gavin

I am a 32-year-old PhD student in Aberdeen, Scotland. I work in QC at an e-learning company. I'm originally Northern Irish, though I've lived here in Aberdeen for several years. I am, essentially, somebody who is very normal, yet to whom very strange things keep happening...
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2 Responses to Sometimes it’s good just to tell it like it is

  1. jkrincon says:

    Well, this time, he actually accomplished something: Crossfire was cancelled 🙂

  2. starlingford says:

    Sometimes – not often, but occasionally; for brief, shining moments – the world functions as we all think it should. Your comment tells me that in the aftermath of Stewart’s appearance, this happened. Thank you!

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